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You have skin care goals.
I give you skin care results.

Looking for a little skinspiration? Click the button below to view all current service offerings, including monthly specials. Read on to see select services designed to get you summer time fine in a matter of weeks.



Let's get to know each other face to face


Corrects hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and melasma. During this facial, we bridge science with technology to allow products to penetrate deeper into the skin, ultimately helping to even your skin tone.


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Balance oil production with a quick and easy detox. This treatment includes a customized oil balancing cleanse followed by a special enzyme blend to prepare for extractions. High frequency and a healing mask conclude the service.


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Glow Gracefully

Slow down time and minimize those fine lines and wrinkles with the facial that helps you to glow gracefully. During your session, we’ll use top-quality, anti-aging products along with state of the art tools to achieve the best results for your skin.


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Body Treatments

Something for every body.

Smooth Criminal

Don’t worry, Annie. You’ll be okay! This traditional Hollywood wax includes removes all hair from full frontal genitals and between the cheeks. Completed with hard wax for your comfort.


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The Love Below

For those struggling with ingrown hairs *ahem* down there, this is the service you’re looking for. An intimate ingrown hair removal service is perfect between waxes.



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Total B.A.B.E.

A complete eyebrow transformation that includes waxing, trimming, and filling in (if desired). Growing the hair for at least 4 weeks makes for the best brows!


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